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To those of us that's been in and around Mississippi House, we all have experienced things that can't be explained. We've experienced doors opening and closing, EVP's, strange lights, lights coming on and off, objects moving by themselves, direct responses using flashlights, Rem-Pod hits, and the list just goes on. Even though those of us that's investigated the home know we have a haunted house, it was nice to get world renowned psychic medium, and paranormal investigator Chip Coffey to validate what we've experienced.

One of the more active rooms in the house is the downstairs bedroom. Most people that walk into that room feel a different type of energy, a heavy type feeling. Chip, who many of you know from his TV show on A&E "Psychic Kids" and his appearances on the show "Paranormal State" walked into said bedroom and immediately upon entering said, "My ears hurt" which didn't surprise us. This was just validation that whatever is in that room does in fact impact the atomospherics. 

After Chip walked the house the group of us settled in, and after a quick dinner we started reaching out to the spirits. The session started off quiet but it didn't stay that way. While conducting an SB-11 Spirit Box session, a light in the upstairs bedroom turned on by itself. It was Chip that noticed it first. Initially he said, "Upstairs bedroom, I see a mist." This turned out to be the illumination that the light was giving off after it turned on by itself. This was the beginning of what I will call "ten minues of terror" because what happened next was pretty terrifying. Let's put it this way, what happens next got all of us out of our seats and huddled up in the middle of the living room, and that includes Chip Coffey. 

chip coffey

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As the EVP session rolled along and after the light turned on by itself upstairs, suddenly behind where Chip was sitting there was a loud bang. We all looked at each other and basically at the same time said "Did ya'll hear that??" and after a few more minutes went by a second bang noise sounded, again, right behind Chip, which made him leap from his sitting position.  Minutes later, investigator John Bullard walked down the hallway. As he opened the door to the bedroom (same room that made Chip's ears hurt) an electric charge rushed through his body and simultaneously the light above the dining room table drained from bright to almost off!  Bullard literally ran from the bedroom door, down the hallway and into the living room where the rest of us stood. A few seconds later Chip grabbed my shoulder and yelled "FULL BODY APPARITION!" and pointed toward the corner the door that is by the laundry room. He said it appeared for a split second then vanished. It appeared to be a male spirit, but wasn't visible long enough to get much more description. 

These chain of events prompted a break. We all needed to get outside for awhile, so we exited the home and stood outside. As you could imagine we were all pretty hyped up at this point. I asked Chip for his thoughts on the events that just took place, to which he replied "It was pretty interesting that's for sure." It was pretty important for the group of us, especially for the homeowner Miss Alice to get some validation. She's been experiencing things in that home for longer than any of us. To have someone on Chip Coffey's level experience what we've been telling people and documenting about this house was rewarding. The spirits in Mississippi House didn't disappoint. They showed up, and in a big way.



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January 03, 2019

update - Mississippi House is currently closed

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Hey folks. Until further notice, all tours and overnight investigations are on hold. We will resume in the near future. We will keep you updated right here on the website, so check back soon. Thanks! 
November 17, 2018

We Will Be Back Shortly!

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It's been awhile since we've updated the website. BIG things coming folks, so stay tuned. We will be making some announcements shortly. Thanks for stopping by. Follow me on Twitter @bradcooney1 and on Facebook (search Brad Cooney) I'll be making social media…
October 29, 2017

TAPS Ghost Hunters Legend Returns To Mississippi House

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Mississippi House was visited by world renowned paranormal investigator Steve Gonsalves just a few short months ago. Well guess who's back? After expereincing things that he could not explain during his first trip, he decided that he wanted to come back. The…
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Mississippi House Gets a Visit From Steve Gonsalves of TAPS - Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters TAPS are the pioneers of paranormal investigations. They put the field on the map, so to get one of them to come down to our location was an honor. Steve Gonsalves, one of the top investigators in the field is pictured here in action as he…
July 15, 2017

Mississippi House Welcomes TAPS Ghost Hunters Steve Gonsalves

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Mississippi House had a very special guest. Steve Gonsalves from TAPS - Ghost Hunters stopped by. This home has been visited by world renowned psychics such as Chip Coffey, and now one of the top paranormal investigators in the world, Steve Gonsalves. Did…
May 30, 2017


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Mississippi House is one of the most haunted homes in the state. The resident spirits have made their presence known many times over the years, including the night world renowned psychic Chip Coffey paid a visit. We are excited to announce that paranormal…
April 09, 2017

Psychic Medium Lyndsey Paul Visits Mississippi House

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Voted best Psychic Medium in Seattle two years in a row, the Mississippi House Paranormal Team were excited to see what Lyndsey Paul would see and hear when she toured the house. The spirits of the house showed up just as they usually do, and Lyndsey…
October 22, 2016

World Renowned Psychic Medium Chip Coffey Visits Mississippi House

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Psychic Medium Chip Coffey COPYRIGHT - Brad Cooney To those of us that's been in and around Mississippi House, we all have experienced things that can't be explained. We've experienced doors opening and closing, EVP's, strange lights, lights coming on and…
August 28, 2016


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Evening Tour
6:00--8:30 PM ($ 25) By appointment only. Tour the Little Red House Where Ghosts Live. We are not your stereotypical haunted mansion. We have had consistent, documented audio and visual activity since 2011. (Active, but not documented prior to…
June 30, 2016

Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Counselor/Consultant Lelon Thompson Q&A

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